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Juice Recipe: Green coolness

So after a good run or on a hot summer day, this juice really hits the spot. Its very important that this is served ice-cold. But it contains a lot of green and green is good. This green juice will… Continue Reading →

Juice Recipe: Ginger explosion

Living in a cold part of the world, being a viking and all, it’s even more important that I get all my vitamines to stay out of bed. You kinda need to like the taste of ginger for this, but… Continue Reading →

Amazing Banana Ice Cream Recipe

I love Ice cream. And this “trick” has been seen in many shapes and forms by now. But I’ve found my own favorite and altered it to be even better. Well, in my opinion anyways! This Banana Ice Cream Recipe… Continue Reading →

Juice Recipe: Everything at once

Don’t like going to the doctor? Well this juice can reduce the number of visits per year. If you drink enough of it! Having many different color fruits and vegetables at once, will give you all the vitamines you need…. Continue Reading →

Juice Recipe: Loving your heart

We often think a lot about our skin, hair, eyes, nails and the shape of our bodies. But sometimes we might forget one of the most important part of our body: The heart. Not only being a symbol of love,… Continue Reading →

Juice Recipe: Popeye Spinach Special

So we’ve always been told to eat our spinach. Its good for us. And I mean, have you seen a Popeye cartoon? It certainly makes you think about vegetables and their effect on your body. This juice tastes a lot… Continue Reading →

Juice Recipe: Pink Passion

So this is one of my favorite juice recipe to make all year around. Not only is it super pretty, but its delicious! And you get all the good stuff from the beetroot, broccoli, ginger etc. Without the bitter taste…. Continue Reading →

Why you need juice in your life

So I love juice. And not just orange juice. But homemade vegetable and fruit juices. Not only is it delious, but it helps your entire body to keep going. Why you need to start juicing 1. Get vitamines without noticing… Continue Reading →

So people think. A lot. We worry. A lot.¬†And what does this have to do with a blog? The thoughts which bother me the most is that even in this time of social media, selfawareness and famous for being famous,… Continue Reading →

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